Sweet slot tournament to win great prizes

Bingo Bongo is currently in the midst of holding its favoured Sweetie Land Tournament. Amazingly enough, this isn’t actually a bingo promotion; rather a slot tournament. Sweetie Land can also be tried for free, before you decide to get involved in this great slot based promotion.

Kick off

When you play with Bingo Bongo, you will notice that there are no less than three Sweetie Land tournaments each and every day. The first kicks off at 11.30am and runs until 3.30am. The second runs between 4.00pm and 8.00pm, before the final round from 8.30 until 12.30am. The first round that you play is always free, and you are able to win jackpots worth up to £300 in all.

After the first round has been played, you can then go on and buy 10 more rounds for the games, allowing you to boost your score and climb further up the leader-board. The better you do in the Sweetie Land games, the better your score us, and consequently, the higher up the leader-board you will go.

Spin baby

Players get 4,000 tokens to play each round with, with the typical spin costing 250 tokens, based on a 25-payline spin, with 10 coins wagered. You can always buy more tokens if you wish. After the round has expired, players’ totals will be tallied and prizes paid out to best performing players.

Join in

Of course, if you aren’t yet a member of Bingo Bongo, then you should certainly join up to get involved. As well as a 100% match deposit welcome bonus, Bingo Bongo also runs a loyalty rewards program, a no deposit required bonus offered on sign-up, £1,000,000 jackpot cover-all games up to three times a week, and 50% match deposit bonuses on all subsequent deposits. Who could ask for more than what Bingo Bongo is offering this month?